Infoviz is a new research area which relates to many fields such as computer science, library and information science, cognitive science, computer vision, computer grahics etc. By using visual maps it is possible to study the structure and dynamics of the various fields of science and discover the scholar trends and themes. Mapping of science can also help to identify subdisciplines and research areas as well as their interrelationships within a particular field. Particularly interesting from this perspective may be humanity and social science, which expand its traditional research fronts. The main goal is to vizualize polish academic output.


COST Action TD-1210. Analyzing the dynamics of information and knowledge landscapes - KNOWeSCAPE.

National Science Center in Poland Grant 2013/11/B/HS2/03048 "Information Visualization methods in digital knowledge structure and dynamics study" - starting from Septemebr 2014

Research themes

  •  Visualization methods of scientific knowledge
  •  Cognitive aspects of visualization
  •  Information design and architecture
  •  Human-Computer Interaction
  •  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  •  Social Networks Analysis