I'm an associate professor in the Institute of Information and Communication Research at Nicolas Copernicus University (NCU) in Torun. My background is Physics, PhD received in Information Science at NCU in 2009. My research concerns information visualization, particularly Science/Knowledge visualization methods. Modern science mapping examples one can admire on the on-line exhibition Places & Spaces which I became an ambassador in Poland since 2011.

My non-scientific interests are oil painting, markers scetching, computer and traditional graphics, reading (particularly global society issues, polish history and culture), sport (jogging, swimming) and indeed cooking:)

Privately I am a mother of Agnes and Sophie. We all are curious about other cultures and nations. An unforgettable experience of selftraining relates to a stay in LA, CA, where my husband worked in NASA JPL (Pasadena). Driving through Europe is our family's permanent hobby:). We love to discover quaint places in original way.

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