TAPS 2018 seminars and associated social events

July, 4th (Wednesday) - 12.30 pm, COK auditorium

Daniel Reitzner (Research Center for Quantum Information, Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences) - “Quantum Incompatibility for Quantum Key Distribution”

Anna Szkulmowska - “Physics and what next?”

July, 11th (Wednesday) - 12 noon, COK auditorium

Alicja Chruścińska - “Luminescence dating - a tool for archaeologists and geologists”

Sebastian Maćkowski - “Fluorescence microscopy: zooming glass for the nanoscale”

July, 19th (Thursday) - 12 noon, room S1 COK

Piotr Kolenderski - “Single photon -- generation and detection”

Justyna Cembrzyńska - “How to present yourself effectively?”

1 student seminar

Evening: dinner in town

July, 25th (Wednesday) - 12 noon, Institute of Physics, room S1 COK

3 student seminars

4 pm, Centre for Astronomy, Piwnice

Laszlo Kiss (Konkoly Observatory, Hungarian Academy of Sciences) - “Exoplanet research with dedicated space telescopes”

Agata Karska - “Water in star forming regions”

Barbeque & observatory tour

August, 1st (Wednesday) - 12 noon, room S1 COK

Anna Szkulmowska - “Physics and what next?”

Ireneusz Grulkowski - “Optical Properties of Ocular Structures”

4 student seminars

August, 8th (Wednesday) - 12 noon, Institute of Physics, room S1 COK

Jarosław Zaremba - “Interactions of atomic systems with light”

4 pm, Centre for Astronomy, Piwnice

Michał Hanasz - “Generation of galactic magnetic fields and galactic wind driving by cosmic rays”

2 student seminars (Olena & Mateo)

Barbeque & observatory tour

August, 17th (Friday) - 4 pm, COK auditorium

Vladyslav C. Usenko (Department of Optics, Palacký University, Olomouc) - “Continuous variables quantum communication”

Wiesław Nowak - “Computers in single molecule bionano-world - 3 medical aspects”

4 student seminars

Dinner at Fort IV

August, 22nd (Wednesday) - 12 noon, COK auditorium

Katharina Boguslawski - “An Introduction to Computational and Theoretical Chemistry”

Jacek Matulewski - “Eye movement and its analysis”

3 student seminars

August, 29th (Wednesday) - 12 noon, COK auditorium

9 student seminars

Farewell dinner in town

TAPS 2018 calendar (pdf)

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The TAPS 2018 program is supported by the Visegrad Fund within a Strategic Grant project V4TAPS.