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Fin box/bases
(some technical drawings from Internet)
contributor/consultant: Roger Jackson

Invented by Application
Chinook / Standard Fin Base
[from J.Pilling's page]
"A" (American) box
"E" (European) box - deeper than "A"
  wave boards
[from J.Pilling's page]
  wide range of boards
Tuttle (standard, deep) (with barrel nuts)
[Roger Jackson]
Tuttle (with tapped holes)
[from J.Pilling's page]
Larry Tuttle
of Finworks in California (USA)
race boards
- Deep Tuttle root is used on all the huge span (+> 58 cm) race fins.
- Only few of the very high end race fin manufacturer's use the tapped holes for fixing the fin (Tectonics/System B).


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