Windsurf-Dictionary Sentences all terms in alphabetical order (English)

Stanisław Koter John B. Rutledge

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AVS (=Anti-Ventilation Skirt) this is a new board type with the footstraps moved all the way back and a strip of plastic [the skirt] mounted on the rear of the board to prevent ventilation
bump 'n jump windy and rougher conditions
clew-first adj (~ water start) I tried a clew-first waterstart yesterday.
clew-first adv (to sail ~) The wind was very light so I sailed clew-first for a little bit just to practice.
crankin' coming fas, strong winds, blowing hard, e.g. The wind was really crankin'out of the west.
ding stick US standard term for an epoxy (?) repair substance that comes in a stick
downhaul [tension] Put lots more downhaul in it !
epic The wind was really going off and I had an epic session that day. Boy, did I have an epic sesh yesterday!
gnarly, rough adj e.g. gnarly waves
heat a round in a contest
jibe: chicken ~ (chicken out v) Used in front of a set of waves you don't want to attempt to pass.
on-the-fly outhaul a system of pulleys and cleats used by racers to > adjust the profile of the sail while underway
out-sail v John out-sailed Andrew.
smoke someone v I really smoked that guy.
windline a place out beyond the breakers where the wind is stronger


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