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Stopping or "putting time to death" is expressed by the same phrase -still life, stilleben. Life immobilised, life going on. The expression "still life" puts emphasis on a lasting, negating activity and in the Romanesque "nature morte" we feel the Baroque fear of nothingness. The vanitative message is hidden in every, even the smallest, element of the matter. This is where Christianity hides its mystery of redemption. The Last Supper, a flat table surface, bread and wine. Death - contamination of the matter and the God's body - sanctifying the matter. Not only does God become a human being but shares His divinity with things during the Last Supper. He captures and hides the mystery of eternal life in bread and wine and provides them with the ability to win over time [...]. The liturgical and sacral character that the matter gains from Christianity is astonishing, bearing in mind the deeply rooted gnostic tradition that identifies the existence of evil with the matter that is actually a poverty of being. Tomism notices a spiritual aspect in material things, because everything is the work of God and a sign of His presence [...]. Reality becomes a revelation. [...]
The aim of science is to discover reality and a philosopher is supposed to judge it [...]. A painter captures reality and somehow puts it in brackets - "keeps it suspended". [...] A moment when an object reflects the glance that was cast at it, a secret message of its silent life. A flash of consciousness gazing at an object so intensely that it seems impossible not to exist forever if it exists now. A moment in eternity is inertness with which things always respond to our dynamics. Inertness of the visible towards the seeing one. [...] The peculiarity of the world, peculiarity of our existence in the world, of separating and uniting at once. The mystery of individuality within generality. Separated moments of our individual life connected with "the roots of existence".

The 5th Polish Painting Forum - The Nature of Things - Orelec 2006