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He was born on 1 October 1949 in Szczecin. In 1975 he graduated with distinction from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts from the studio of Professor Stanisław Gierowski. He has been teaching at the Faculty of Painting since 1980. Between 1996 and 2000 he was the dean of the Faculty, and now he runs a painting studio.
From 1975 he was a member of the Simplex S4 artistic group, whose artistic assumptions were based on the achievements of the Polish Colourism and Unism of Władysław Strzemiński. At the end of the 1970s he drew closer to Photorealism and later became a forerunner of the Polish Neoexpressionism. There are 20 solo exhibitions (including a solo exhibition in Dom Artysty Plastyka (Artist's House) in Warsaw, 1998) and several dozen collective exhibitions in his artistic output. The most important exhibitions are: "Grupa Sympleks", "O Poprawę" (For Improvement), "C.D.N.", "Grupa Świat" (The World Group), "Czas widzenia" (Time of Vision) on the occasion of the First Convention of the Polish Solidarity, "Sztuka w Polsce wobec spraw publicznych 1966-1994" (Art in Poland Towards Public Issues 1966- 1994"), The Museum of Modern Art in Radom, 2006. He was presented with the Grand Prix of the 35th National Salon of Fine Arts in Radom in 1981 and awarded twice (in 1993 and 1995) in a competition organised by the Polish and Japanese Miyauchi Foundation.

The 5th Polish Painting Forum - The Nature of Things - Orelec 2006