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He was born in 5th April 1954, in Ciechocinek. Currently lives in Łazieniec. In 1974-79, he studies in the National Higher School of Fine Arts (Currently the Fine Arts Academy) in Wrocław, initially at the Department of Ceramics and Glass, and as of 1975 at the Department of Painting, Graphics, and Sculpture. In 1979 he obtained his diploma with distinction in the workshops of: easel painting of Professor Zbigniew Karpiński, and designing painting in architecture and urban planning of professor. Mieczysław Zdanowicz. Since 1978, he has been a member of the scientific and didactic staff in the Department of Painting and since 2003 in the Department of Architectural Painting and Multimedia of the Fine Arts Academy in Wrocław. In 2002, he obtained the title of Professor of Fine Arts. In 2004, he became a full Professor. He leads the following workshops: Technology of Painting and Drawing and Techniques of Painting. He cultivates his painting work that has been developing in long, lasting over the years, modified and improved series of paintings, among which the most important are: "The long and winding road", "My town of Ciechocinek", "Full brightness a second brightness", "Garden by night", "Stairway to heaven", "The provocation of B.", "Return to my homeland", "The darker night", "Structures of memory", "Events", "Synthetic paintings", "Mountains" and "The blue". His abstract painting has become part of the "Wrocław structuralistic painting". He has created over 700 paintings on canvas using the following techniques: oil and resin, oil, water-soluble oil, acrylic and polymer.
He presented his work in 51 individual exhibitions. The important ones were: 1977 - "Get outside four walls" ("Wyjść poza cztery ściany"), "Katakumby" Gallery Wrocław; 1982 -"A fragment of a growing whole - 1" ("Fragment coraz większej całości - I") BWA Gallery Bydgoszcz and BWA Gallery Olsztyn; 1986 - "Painting" ("Malarstwo") BWA Gallery Nowy Sącz; 1987 - "Second brightness" ("Druga jaskrawość") PSP Modern Art Gallery Toruń, 1988 - "Pictures from Palleland - 3" ("Obrazy z Pallelandii - III") BWA Pomeranian Princes' Castle Szczecin; 1989 - "100 paintings from the years 1979-89" ("Sto obrazów z lat 1979-89") Museum of Decabrists Mohylew (Bielorussia); 1990 - "100 paintings from the years 1979-89" ("Sto obrazów z lat 197989") BWA Gallery Włocławek; 1991, 2001 - "Painting" ("Malarstwo") Art Centre EL Gallery Elbląg; 2005 - "25 years later" ("ćwierć wieku później") GSzW Włocławek.
He participated in over 260 group art exhibitions in Poland and nearly 30 abroad (Belgium, Bielorussia, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, and Italy). Among these were.: 7th , 8th , 9th , 12th , 13th and 15th Jan Spychalski Polish Post-Competition Painting Exhibition BWA Gallery, Poznań (1980, 1981, 1982, 1986, 1987, 1989); 1st and 2nd Polish Painting Exhibition run for the Leon Wyczółkowski prize, BWA Modern Art Showroom, Bydgoszcz (1986, 1988); thth th 13 , 15 and 19 Festival of Polish Modern Painting, Szczecin (1986, 1990, 2002), 25th Polish Painting Exhibition "Bielska Jesień" BWA, Bielsko-Biała 1988, "National Higher School of Fine Arts in Wrocław 1946-1990" CBWA "Zachęta" Gallery, Warsaw 1990; "A collection of Polish Modern Art" Galleri "Amu Centre" Copenhagen (Denmark) 1992; "Wrocław in Gdańsk. Exhibition of painting and graphics by professors and lecturers of the Fine Arts Academy in Wrocław" Gallery in the Hall of the Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk 2005, "Skyscrapers of Wrocław. An exhibition of the artistic accomplishments of NHSFA - FAA in Wrocław 1946-2006" National Museum, Wrocław 2006.
He won nearly 40 prizes and distinctions for his st paintings, among these we can mention: 1 prize and "Seahorse Statue" in the "Seahorse" Polish Art Competition - Szczecin 1981, Distinction in the IX Jan Spychalski Polish Painting Competition - Poznań 1982, 2nd prize Nagroda in the I Polish Competition for Paintings Inspired by the Work of Edward Stachura - Nieszawa 2000, 3rd prize in the III Triennale of Art in Włocławek, Włocławek 2000; Distinction in the 6th Biennale of Art in Bydgoszcz - Bydgoszcz 2002; he was also awarded the prize of the Minister of Culture in artistic education (1997) and the prize of the Chancellor of FAA in Wrocław (1981, 1983, 1989, 2001, 2006).

The 5th Polish Painting Forum - The Nature of Things - Orelec 2006