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He was born on April 25, 1960 in Kowalewo Pomorskie. He graduated from his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń. He received his Diploma with honourable mention in the area of easel painting in the studio of Professor Mieczysław Wiśniewski in 1985. Since that time, he has worked at the Painting Institute, currently as a professor. In the years 2002-2005, he acted as the deputy dean for teaching issues. Since 2005, he has acted as the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at NCU. He practices painting, drawing, and graphic arts. He has a scholarship from the Ministry for Culture and Art.
Since 1985, he has organized 20 individual exhibitions. Some more important individual exhibitions include: 1989 - Galerie Deutsches Theater in Göttingen (Germany); 1991 - BBK Gallery, Oldenburg (Germany); 1991 - Perspektive Gallery, Wilhelmshaven (Germany); 1992 - BWA (the Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions) Toruń; 1994 - PWSSP (the State Academy of Fine Arts) in Gdańsk; 1999 - The Gallery of Contemporary Art in Włocławek; 2001 - Künstlerforum in Jever (Germany); 2004 - BWA Olsztyn; 2005 - Galerie in Rathaus Greifswald (Germany); 2006 - Akademia Umeni, Banska Bystrica (Slovakia).
He has taken part in over 70 collective, environmental, and national exhibitions, as well as presentations of Polish art abroad. Some more important collective exhibitions include: 1985 - Young Artists for Peace the International Art Competition, BWA Toruń; 1986 - the 12th J. Spychalski National Painting Competition for a Painting, BWA Poznań; 1987 - "Professoren und Ihre Schüler"- Göttingen (Germany), "Against War", the 7th National Exhibition of Painting, Sculpture and Medallic Art, the Museum at Majdanek, 1987 - the 4th Quadrennial of Polish Woodcut and Linocut, BWA Olsztyn, the 6th J. Gielniak National Graphic Arts Competition, Jelenia Góra, the 13th J. Spychalski National Painting Competition for a Painting, BWA Poznań; 1988 - "Arsenal 88" National Exhibition of Young Plastic Artists, Warsaw; 1989 - "Polnische Impression" painting exhibition - Göttingen (Germany); 1993 - "Woman in Art" National Painting Competition, BWA Bydgoszcz; 1997 - the th rd 5 International Triennial of Art - Majdanek '97 Lublin, the 3 National Biennial of Small Forms of Painting, "Wozownia" State Gallery of Art in Toruń, "Triennial with Still Life" National Painting Competition BWA Sieradz; 2001- "Miteiander" Bund Bildender Künstler und Gäste, Jahresausstellung Wittmund, the 7th National Exhibition "Music in Painting" in Tychy, 2001 - the 3rd Triennial of Self-Portrait, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Radom; 2003 - Kunst aus Thorn, Thorner Künstler der zweiten Hälfte des 20. J.H., Malerei, Zeichnung, Graphik, Photographie, Altes Rathaus Göttingen (Germany).
For his painting and artistic activity, he received a dozen or so awards in national and environmental artistic competitions, including: 1988 - 2nd prize in the field of painting in Bronisław Jamontt 2nd National Competition for plastic art work entitled "Polish Impressions", Toruń; 1997 - nomination for an award in the 2nd Triennial of Self-Portrait, Radom' 97, st 1998 - the 1 prize for painting in the contest for painting, graphic work and drawing of the year, Toruń; 1998 - the 1st prize for a drawing in the ZPAP (the Association of Polish Artists and Designers) competition "Work of Art of the Year 1997", Toruń. He was also given awards and honourable mentions of the Rector of NCU for artistic, teaching, and organisational activity (1987, 1990, 1991, 2005, 2006).
His works can be found, among others, in the collections of: the District Museum in Toruń, "Wozownia" Gallery of Contemporary Art in Toruń, Graphic Collections of the Library of Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń, the Museum of Art at Majdanek in Lublin, the Museum in Grudziądz, the Ministry for Culture and Art in Warsaw, The Collections of Gifts for John Paul II at Vatican, and in private collections in Poland, Germany, Great Britain, France, Denmark, USA.

The 5th Polish Painting Forum - The Nature of Things - Orelec 2006