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He studied at the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and in 1973 graduated from the studio of Professor Wacław Taranczewski. Since then he has been working as an independent artist and art teacher, and is currently a full professor at the University of Rzeszów and the Jan Grodek State Vocational College in Sanok, where he runs a studio of tinsel painting. His professional activity covers tinsel and monumental painting as well as drawing.
He has had 50 solo exhibitions, including: 1989 - Gallery of Modern Art, Opole; Art Gallery, Zamośae; 1990 - BWA Gallery, Częstochowa; Galeria Awangarda (Avant-Guarde Gallery), BWA Gallery, Wrocław; 1991 - Landem Institut Soest (Germany); 1992 - Schloß Lembeck (Germany); 1993 - the Palace of Art, Krakow; 1994 - Archdiocese Museum in Katowice; 1995 - Akademie Franz Hitzehaus, Münster (Germany); 1996 - Artemis Gallery, Krakow; 1997 - Gallery of the Polish Catholic Mission, Berlin; 1998 - Ośrodek środowisk Twórczych (centre for artists), LódY; 1999 - Museum of the Warsaw Archdiocese; 2000 - "Droga" (Road) Diocese Museum in Rzeszów; 2001 - "Krypta u Pijarów" Gallery in Krakow; 2002 - "Der Weg" - Contakt Gallery, Wiesbaden.
He took part in over 165 collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad, e.g.: 1989 - The 2nd All-Poland Exhibition of Pastel Drawings, Nowy Sącz; 1990 - Musical themes in Painting. All-Poland Painting Exhibition, BWA Gallery, Tarnów; 1991 - The Nature of Nature, BWA Gallery, Lublin; 1994 - Facing Values - All-Poland Exhibition of Small Forms, Katowice; Exhibition of works of artists from Opole, Tarante, Italy; 1995 - Polish Art of the 1960s and 1970s, Gallery of Modern Art, Opole; 1996 - Exhibition of works of artists from Poland, Germany and Slovakia, State Museum at Majdanek, Lublin; International Symposium, Dzukija, Lithuania; Exhibition of Polish Art, Essen; 1997 - Rencontres Européennes de l'art d'aujourd'hui en Mayenne et Pays de Loire; Ein Blick Nach Osten, IKT Gelsenkirchen, Art Triennial "Sacrum", Częstochowa; The Second Jacek Malczewski Triennial of Self-Portrait, Radom; 1998 - The 8th Biennial of Religious Art "Sacrum", BWA Gallery, Gorzów; Festival of Contemporary Polish Painting, Szczecin; 1999 - Polish Artists, Contact Gallery, Wiesbaden; "Aqua fons vitae" All-Poland Painting Exhibition, BWA Gallery, Bydgoszcz; 2000 - The 3rd International Biennial of the Carpathian Euroregion "Srebrny Czworokąt" (Silver Quadrangle), Przemyśl; 2002 - The 4th Triennial of Contemporary Drawing in Lubaczów; 2003 - Le Musée du Petit Format "La Resurrection De Piero Della Francesca", San Sepolcro, Tuscany, Viroinval, Belgium; 2003 -Artefakty 3 (Artefacts 3), Gallery of Modern Art in Przemyśl; 2004 - Forum of Polish Painting, Lesko; Mezninarodni Vytvarni Plener Krnov, Museum in Krnov, Czech Republic; 2005 - "Ecce Homo" Painting Exhibition, Lesko; 2006 - BWA Gallery, Rzeszów - Fifteen painters of the Institute of Fine Arts from the University of Rzeszów, Euro Art, Koshice.
He is a member of the Polish Artists' Association. He was a curator of numerous plain air artistic workshops and collective exhibitions, among others an exhibition of Professor Wacław Taranczewski's students called Klimaty (Climates). He has received various artistic, ministerial and foreign awards, among others: a scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (1981, 1987, 1988, 2000); scholarship of Collegium Johaneum (1995), awards at Pastel Drawing Exhibition, Nowy Sącz (1987), the 3rd Art Triennial "Sacrum", Częstochowa (1997), The Governor of Opolskie Award (1989), Head of the Opolski University Award (1994), Head of the University of Rzeszów (2000), Salon Jesienny BWA (Autumn Salon of the BWA Gallery), Opole, Opolskie Province Marshal Award (2005).
He is the author of sacral projects in Poland and Germany, among others.: wall painting (polychrome) in the Seminary Chapel of the Clergymen Verbists in Nysa; a cross and stained glass in Polish Martyrs Chapel in St. John and Agnes' Church in Nysa; the Apocalypse in the Parish Church in Loburg Ostbevern, Germany. His works can be found in museums and private collections in Poland and abroad.

The 5th Polish Painting Forum - The Nature of Things - Orelec 2006