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Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Paleopedology Comission of the International Union of Soil Sciences and Polish
Society of Soil Science would like to invite You for the XIII International Symposium and Field Workshop on

ISFWP is a tradicional activity of the IUSS Peleopedology Commission (1.6). The meeting combines scientific oral and
poster sessions and field sessions putting emphasis on important local paleopedological issues. All aspects of paleosols
studies are welcome to be presented during thematically focused scientific sessions.

XIIIth ISFWP will be held in Northern Poland, the historical town Torun and its vicinity 1-6 September 2014. Evolution of
typical postglacial landscapes (moraine, outwash, melt-ice, inland dune) and soils of that area during Late Pleistocene and
Holocene is the main subject presented during two two-days field sessions (1-2 and 5-6 September). This topic will be
concerned in contexts of natural climatogenic processes and also increasing human impact recorded in archaeological sites.

We hope the XIIIth ISFWP would be a good opportunity to share and discuss interesting paleopedological results of research,
new ideas and experience and also to discover variety of soils and postglacial landscapes of Northern Poland.

Large Visitor Globe
We recomend to Participants consideration the possibility of extending their stay in Poland and taking part in another
thematically complementary scientific event. Right after the XIII ISFW on Paleopedology, 8-15 September, 2014
the 7th Loess Seminar Kukla LOESSFEST '14 organized by colleagues from the Wrocław University and the Maria Curie-
Skłodowska University will take place in Wrocław, ca. 4 h of travel from Toruń.