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Back-up targets

As a result of our project, a number of transit light curves has been observed for back-up targets. Such data can be used to refine transit ephemerides (e.g. Maciejewski et al. 2013, IBVS 6082) or to redetermine system parameters (e.g. Maciejewski et al. 2011, Acta Astron. 61, 25). Below there is a list of planets that have been observed only once. Any new complete or partial transit light curves are very welcome. Light curve collected so far are listed in parentheses.

  • KELT-3 b (new) (Torun)
  • KELT-18 b (new) (Torun)
  • WASP-24 b (Rozhen)
  • WASP-65 b (Torun)
  • WASP-93 b (new) (Torun)

Targets removed from the list:

  • HAT-P-3 b (Ankara, Torun x 3) - campaign ended
  • HAT-P-13 b (Torun x 3) - campaign ended
  • HAT-P-30 b (Rozhen) - campaign ended
  • HAT-P-36 b - campaign ended
  • HAT-P-37 b (Torun) - campaign ended
  • TrES-5 b (Torun x 2) - campaign ended
  • WASP-28 b (Ankara, Trebur) - campaign ended
  • WASP-36 b (Rozhen) - campaign ended
  • WASP-39 b (Calar Alto, Rozhen) - campaign ended
  • XO-2 b (Torun, Trebur) - campaign ended


PI: Gracjan Maciejewski

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