Technical and Operations Group of the EVN

The Technical and Operations Group (TOG) of the EVN is composed by VLBI technical friends from the different EVN telescopes and staff from Bonn and JIVE correlators. Some external experts usually attend this meeting, like people from Haystack, NASA on behalf of the Field System and NRAO.

The TOG meets every 8 months to discuss operational issues, evaluate the outcome of the past observations and discuss about technical developments. Every 16 months, the TOG also meets with the GMVA (Global Millimeter Array) Technical Group to increase synergies between both groups. These meetings are very useful since they help guarantee the quality of observations, are used to share developments from the different parties and keep strong ties between the technical staff in the different observatories.

TOG EVN December 13-14, 2023

The EVN TOG meeting will be held at the Institute of Astronomy, Nicolaus Copernicus University, at the observatory in Piwnice, 12 kilometers north of Toruń. It will start on Wednesday morning December 13th and finish on Thursday afternoon, December 14th.


The meeting will be in person. Nevertheless, remote participation will be supported by virtual sharing system Zoom. This will also support convenient sharing presentation and data on the room screen.