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Name of the Club
The Academic Club of Underwater Research PTTK University Departament

Date of establishment

Headquarter of the Club
ul. Podmurna 9/11, 87-100 Toruń (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology)
Phone: (48 56) 6113989
            (48 56) 6113976

Menegement of the Club:  

Andrzej Kola - Chairman

Wojciech Szulta - Vice-Chairman to science field

Andrzej Pydyn - vice- to train

Iwona Graszek - Secretary / Treasurer

Robert Mielcarek - vice- to medicine field

Andrzej Wiński - vice- to turism and recreation field

Jerzy Piotrowiak - Member of Management

Committe of Auditors:
Waldemar Witt - Leader

Grażyna Szafrańska

Marek Krajewski

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  The Club associate emploee, students and alumnuses of University of Toruń and adults and youth unrelated with University . 

    ACUR is social Club and it does't employ any staft. At the present the Club has 60 activ members. 

    ACUR is closely with Departament of Underwater Archaeology at Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. 

    Activities of Club: 
- archaeological underwater excavations
- train for diving deegres
- underwater tourism
- lakes and rivers ecology



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